About us

Scanbuy Retail S.A. with offices in New York, Madrid , Bogotá, Lima, Santiago de Chile y Sucre, is a subsidiary of Scanbuy Inc., based in New York, and with offices in Paris, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv. Scanbuy Inc. is a world leader in the development of mobile services for companies and consumers that connect the physical and digital worlds, with: mobile scanning applications such as ScanLife, Flashcode and BIDI; certified information services like SmartLabel products (in USA) or eScan (joint service with AECOC in Spain); or loyalty and promotion services for mobile phones such as mPromo and dcoupon.

Our business clients use the tools we offer to increase engagement between buyers and brands, helping to generate mutually beneficial interactive relationships that enhance product purchase and improve the brand experience.


New York-based Scanbuy Inc. offers mobile technology solutions and services that help businesses increase engagement with their customers in innovative and effective ways. Scanbuy’s services, along with powerful data analytics, enable brands, agencies and retailers to improve relationships with their customers, increase online and offline sales and develop greater loyalty through relevant and personalized marketing campaigns and promotions. Scanbuy develops its activity in three business lines: Scanbuy Retail (dcoupon), Mobile Consumer Engagement and Big Data.

Consumer engagement with mobile devices

Using QR Codes and barcode scanning, Scanbuy turns products into marketing opportunities and connects the physical and digital worlds, using mobile devices. This enables direct consumer interaction with products throughout their life cycle. In doing so, manufacturers and brands can learn the interests and behavior of their customers with whom they can build stronger relationships and make more informed logistics and production decisions.

Big data

In the United States, Scanbuy Inc. offers behavioral, demographic, location and identity data of mobile consumers, allowing us to understand the buying behaviors of 200M people in the United States. Using machine learning algorithms, companies can make more effective decisions, personalize their marketing campaigns, and reach the right person at the right time.